I am always driven by the need for creative expression. I have a hard-wired need for creativity (as most people do), and I have found ways of expressing it in whatever I have done in my life. So although I would have loved to have pursued the life of a full-time artist from young adulthood - whatever I have done has always, uncannily, given me new creative tools and ideas and opportunity for creativity.
I currently make my living out of part-time training of Design Software at various design colleges in Durban (and Southern Africa), as-well-as doing private training and on-site training in companies needing to up-skill their design teams..
Privately, I am pushing my own art in earnest. In my late 30's I left my full-time job and decided to "lift my feet off the floor and let the tide take me". I can say that after 18 years fending for myself, doing whatever necessary to stay self-employed - I have been on the steepest learning curve of my life. Every day I am learning and growing creatively. I have a very well developed set of digital skills to add to my traditional drawing and painting skills - and I am keenly working out ways of marrying these into a unique style. I hope to get there one day :-)
Human Resources & Training
Graduate Student programme.
Worked in mining communities on Human Resources projects
1985 - 1988, Harare, Zimbabwe
Young & Rubicam
Artist / Visualiser
Big career change for me. I got the job on the strength of my private airbrush work
1988 - 1989, Harare, Zimbabwe
Visualiser / Finished Artist.
On the strength of my art and design work done at Young & Rubicam I was transferred to their Wunderman division as their visualiser and finished artist
1990 - 1991, Harare, Zimbabwe
Human Resources Consultant
Training, Psychometry.
Moving back to Durban from Harare meant reluctantly going back into a job I was qualified for :-(
1990 - 1998, Durban, South Africa
Sheer Design
Self-Employed, Freelance Graphic Designer
Left my corporate job to run my own freelance graphic design setup doing all forms of design for print clients, as well as web design etc.... HUGE LEARNING CURVE!!
1998 - 2004, Durban, South Africa
Allenby / Damelin
Part-Time: Media Design Lecturer
Lectured a wide range of subjects from Photoshop, to Lightwave 3D, 3ds Max, Premiere Pro etc....
2002 - 2005, Durban, South Africa
Boston Media College
Part-Time: Digital Design Lecturer
Photoshop, Freehand, InDesign, QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW etc...
2000 - 2003, Durban, South Africa
CFAD (Centre For Fine Art And Design)
Part-Time: Digital Design Lecturer
Lectured all major digital design software packages.
2000 - 2005, Durban, South Africa
Hirt & Carter
Part-Time Lecturer
Did some part-time Web Design and DTP lecturing to fill in for the full-time lecturer.
January 2010 - December 2010, Durban, South Africa
Vega - The Brand Communications School
Part-Time: DTP and WEB DESIGN Lecturer
Lecture all major digital software related to Desktop Publishing and Web Design.
2006 - to present, Durban, South Africa
Keyline Graphics
Part-Time Lecturer
Adobe Video Production and After Effects Training
January 2012 - to present, Durban, South Africa
Pixel Craft
Part-Time Lecturer
Web Design
2015 - to present, Durban South Africa
DSSA (Design School of Southern Africa)
Part-Time Lecturer
Interior Design (3ds Max Software), Graphic Design Technology (print and web design technology + video production), Digital Media (print design technology)
2015 - to present, Durban, South Africa
Independent Certified Instructor: Digital Design Software
One-on-one and on-site  training of Digital Design Software.
Recent clients include Hirt & Carter / Uniprint, Durban University of Technology, Logico, Derivco, Solution Centre, Harcourt.
2006 - Present Durban, South Africa

University Of Natal (Durban)
Psychology (Honours)
1982 - 1985 Durban, South Africa
English (Native)
Afrikaans (Beginner)
Strong skills in most Digital Design Software, e.g. 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro etc.
Thorough knowledge of various design disciplines and technologies, e.g. Graphic Design, Web Design, HTML, CSS, 3D Design, Video Editing, Print Design / layout.
Strong teaching, training and lecturing skills.

Strong course development skills.
Personal skills: Photography, Drawing / Sketching, Painting etc...
Apple Final Cut Pro X (Certified Trainer)
Apple Motion Graphics (Certified Trainer)
Adobe Photoshop CC (Certified Instructor + Expert)
Adobe InDesign CC (Certified Instructor + Expert)
Adobe Illustrator CC (Certified Instructor + Expert)
Adobe After Effects CC (Certified Instructor + Expert)
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (Certified Instructor + Expert)
Adobe Certified Design Master CC
Newtek Lightwave 3D Authorised Trainer
Exhibited art at the Zimbabwe National Gallery (80's)
Exhibited art at the Durban Art Gallery (90's)
Exhibited art at the NSA gallery (members exhibition 90's)
Ad Hoc design of lighting and armatures for Umcebo Design (
I continue to practise my art. Developing, learning, making mistakes, and hopefully all the time getting closer to something special :-)
I take on ad hoc graphic design and web design work when I feel like it.
I am an enthusiastic Photographer (hobbyist).

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