My artwork done using digital hardware and software ranging from my iMac, MacBook to iPad and iPhone using a wide range of digital drawing and design tools from Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max to Sketchbook Pro, Paper 53, ProCreate etc...

iPad doodle using Adobe Ideas. 2015.
An idea I had about alienation as expressed through our "Headphone Culture". All original artwork done in Photoshop and 3ds Max.
"Fisheye" - Photoshop. 2007.
Photoshop. 2010.
"Robin Portrait" - Photoshop. 2012.
"Wild Dogs, Magic Storm" - Photoshop. 2007.
"Corrugations" - Hand Drawn, Digitally inked. Photoshop. 2014.
Abstract airport doodle, iPad, Artrage. 2013.
iPad doodle. Adobe Ideas. 2015.
iPad doodle. Paper 53. 2014.
Airport doodle. iPad, ProCreate. 2015.
Tree doodle. iPad, Adobe Ideas. 2015.
"Major Tom", tribute to David Bowie. 3ds Max. 2016.
"Mother Hen", iPad doodle. Adobe Ideas. 2015.
"Oasis" - Corel Painter. 2016.
iPad Doodle. ProCreate. 2015.
Photoshop. 2014.
Photoshop. 2014.
Photoshop. 2014.
Photoshop. 2014.
"City Hopper" - Lightwave 3D. 2008.
"City Hopper" - Lightwave 3D. 2008.
"Housefly" - Lightwave 3D. 2009.
"Trogg" - Lightwave 3D. 2009.
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